Gracie02 GracieMy Precious ‘Gracie’ luv this girl…so sweet. Due the end of February! Hoping for triplets this round as two previous births were both twins, she is due for more than 2 lol as she is pretty wideShe is not registered because i never got papers even though i could have but wasnt interested in that then… but her mom and dad were both registered nigerian dwarfs. She is bred to a gorgeous—black and white–blue eyed buck. So I expect blue eyed babies🐐! Will sell for pet price since I have no papers. CAE and CL neg herd! Doe’s blue eyes $250.00 Bucks blue eyes $200.00 Wethers Blue eyes $150.00. Pm me if interested can put down $50.00 deposit to hold. Can sell as bottle babies if interested or ready to go at 8-12 weeks