Welcome to the Dragons of Kids and Dragons!

We are a part-time breeder of bearded dragons located on a small ranch just outside of San Antonio. We breed normal as well as exotic morphs. We started last year, after receiving a female bearded dragon as a gift, and saving another female from a neglectful owner, and we soon became passionate about the breed. We bought a male and a third female and began breeding normal bearded dragons as a hobby. Now, after acquiring a few more bearded dragons, (including a dunner, citrus leatherback, citrus silkback, a blood red, and a gala crimson blood, with hopefully a few more on the way) we are starting to produce more high quality dragons. We hope we open a lot of peoples hearts to bearded dragons, as our dream is to make others fall in love with them just as we have. Be sure to check in often for available dragons, as we are expecting to have many clutches in the near future!